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foraus.de is the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training trainer portal. It offers wide-ranging Internet provision, including vital information on the routine organisation of company-based training. The service available via the portal supports the structuring of initial and continuing training practice on a day-to-day basis and makes a targeted contribution towards ongoing quality development and improvement in vocational education and training delivered by companies. All the contents and functions of foraus.de have been specially configured for use via mobile end devices and are accessible free of charge.

foraus.de has four main functions:

The latest information relating to daily training practice and the field of activity of training staff

An opportunity for VET experts to exchange experiences via issue-specific forums

Cross-institutional and inter-disciplinary contact with other trainers

Online learning modules on topics connected with company-based training practice

foraus.de is aimed at the following target groups:

  • Full-time and part-time trainers and skilled workers involved in the delivery of Training
  • Multipliers for the training of vocational education and training staff
  • Heads of training and education and training managers

foraus.de has four thematic sections:

The news section of the site publishes articles, brief reports and interviews on current initial and continuing training topics. Users can also search for current publications or consult a dedicated events calendar specially compiled for VET staff.

The foraus.de community provides a user-friendly platform via which discussion can take place with other trainers or experts in the field. Registered users of the portal can create their own profile and communicate with one another. Thematically specific forums facilitate the exchange of views and networking.

This section of the site presents topics that are significant for training staff. Currently, for example, there is a focus on providing information on the Ordinance on Trainer Aptitude and on the increasing digitalisation of the world of work and employment. Contents are made available in the form of texts, videos, best practice examples, check lists, pictures and illustrations in order to offer a condensed summary. Additional links and information invite users to engage with topics in a more detailed way.

Learning Centre
Trainers are increasingly assuming the role of training advisor and planner of learning arrangements. The Learning Centre provides them with methodological and didactic guides and with instruments relating to selected areas of activity within company-based training practice. The individual learning modules map typical tasks in the activity spectrum of training staff.


Company-based and inter-company trainers constantly face new challenges and remits. The reasons for this include increasing globalisation of competition structures, digitalisation of the world of work and employment and the subsequent technological developments leading to networked and highly flexible company production and service processes and widespread use of digital information and knowledge management systems by companies in work and training contexts.

Qualified training staff is the main target group responsible for the organisation of company training practice. They are image bearers for companies which strive to offer contemporary, attractive and competitive vocational education and training. Against this background, BIBB is working on an ongoing basis to draw up concepts and materials to support company-based training staff.